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What is Blackbirding Reversal History?

From what I know is...

Blackbirding Reversal History is what actually happened historicaly in Polynesia during the 17th-20th century. It uses the same subject title to counter the "Blackbirding" propaganda without using the racial implications. The Blackbirding Reversal History speaks of actual cases where Maori enslaved British traders and Imperial soldiers, along with talking about Fiji's encounters with poorly built foreign ships.

Originally "Blackbirding" history was centered around Australian aboriginal history, targeted by Australian historians, then later in the later 2000's, Fiji which is apart of Polynesia is mentioned in Blackbirding history. The information is meant to mislead into Polynesian history, when in fact traders became either enslaved of massacred on Polynesian shores. On Wikipedia it mentions British as a helping hand in slavery issues, when in fact Indians [more likely women, and young men] were sold on Fiji and put to work. The great island of Fiji was never involved in the transportation, nor were British ever able or even did attempt to anger Fijian Authority.

Today Fiji army recruits are reguarded as some of the greatest soldiers in the world, along with Samoans, Tongans, and Maori.

Blackbirding in Polynesia seems to be a new twist in history to make it seem as though in Polynesia there was a legitimate slave trade. According to research, in Polynesia it was not even close to being a "Slave Trade" but very few accounts of "Kidnapping" which seem to have been blown up to belittle the people in the region. The islands mentioned where the kidnappings took place are places where population is low. However, there are numerous accounts in Polynesia where the reversal took place and Maori enslaved European traders. In fact every man who was captured alive by Maori standard, was given the duty of slave to the Iwi or man whom captured them in War.

The term though "Blackbirding", seems to be a very racial term, and it's wondered if this was targeted only to the darker skinned community. Melanesia may be settled by a darker toned civilization but they are still Asian. Southern India has such cultures and they too are still Asian. In fact they are an important part historically to all the many Indian Cultures

To read more:
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This is an interesting topic. Who is claiming that Blackbirding happened in Polynesia? What happened was the White men came and got their butts handed to them when they arrived in Samoa. La Perouse, the French discoverer who landed in Aasu Tutuila in 1768 was brutally massacred with his men by locals and some warriors from Falealili. After that encounter white men afraid of Samoan aggressive behavior avoided Samoa for almost 100 years. They went everywhere but Samoa until 1830 when John Williams came to Savaii. This was not a situation of white men coming into our place and intimidating us, it was them being scared to step onto our homeland for dear of them being destroyed by superior warriors.

Samoa mo Samoa
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