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Post Info TOPIC: Samoa (Ie Toga) & Tonga (Kie Haamoa)


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Samoa (Ie Toga) & Tonga (Kie Haamoa)

Origin of the term (IE TOGA) which means Treasured Mat.

It is said the origin of the term IE TOGA came about when a younger sister of Tui Tonga made a fine mat for Samoan Royalty.

Fuka made and brought the robe or Fine Mat from Tonga to Samoa to be presented to her older sister, Lautiovogia, who was then the Queen in Samoa to King Tui Atua. Fuka's gift was given to her Queen-sister and King Tui Atua during her visit to Samoa. In appreciation of the gift, King Tuiatua named the robe Ie-Toga in honour of the Royal Family of Tonga. Since that historical occasion hundreds of years ago, the name of the royal robe has never been changed.

Weavers from Samoa

Manu'a claims that the first robe woven and named in Samoa was the Lau o le Teve ma le Masoa (Leaves of the Teve and Arrowroot Plants). Upolu claims that the first established group of weavers was in Fagaloa. The kings, they said, first recognized their Pipii ma le Eleele (Cling to Earth). Tutuila claims that the first one named in Samoa and accepted by the kings was woven by a group of women in the A'uma village, near Leone, and it was the same robe that was completed in Fagaitua by a woman by the name of Tauoloasii. The robe when finished was worn by the weaver when she jumped into a deep pool of water during a ceremony celebrating the great event. When the weaver came out of the water, the robe was said to be perfectly dry. Because of the miraculous event, the robe was officially given the name of Matu mai Vai (dry when out of the water). Savaii also insists on her claim that the first group of weavers was organized in Amoa, Faasaleleaga. They wove the first robe there, and the second one was credited to the weavers of Sala'ilua, in their own island.

Samoan named Fine Mats

Malietoa's Fine mat was named and called Lau Taamu Tafea. It is said that when his son, Prince Laauli, came to see him when he was ill in bed, he brought with him a robe, in accordance with the ancient custom. It was for a tribute to his father, the King. Malietoa ordered that the robe be known as his official robe and it should be named in remembrance of the stormy day in which his son came to see him.

Tuiaana (King of Aana) named his Fine Mat, Fala Seesee o Tamalelagi (The Royal Mat of Tamalelagi).

etc... etc... etc.......


Kie Haamoa were treasured Mats in Tonga and only the Royal Family wore these mats for special ceremonies etc.... It is said many of the Kie Haamoa or Kie Hingoa are connected to the Tui Kanokupolu Dynasty a dynasty referred to by Queen Salote Tupou as being a SAMOAN Dynasty.

Kie haamoa are the material, mystical manifestation of past events and genealogies, which can be remembered, forgotten, or adapted to the current situation. Kie haamoa activate genealogical relationships and cultural memory.

The first Tui Kanokupolu Ngata wore a Kie Haamoa called Maneafainga'a it was a Samoan Fine Mat brought to Tonga from Ngata's Samoan Family. Even as of recent times whenever a Tui Kanokupolu attended a special ceremony he always wore the Kie Haamoa Maneafainga'a.

You will be amazed at all of the Kie Haamoa that was treasured/honored and kept by Tongan Royals:

Kie Haamoa in Tonga:

* A'o O Fonoti
* Atuniusamoa
* Fa'avae Taufuai' o Upolu
* Fakahihinaosaivaiinaea
* Fofoga-o-Saefagaloa
* Fua'au
* Fua'olemaile
* Kiemanu'a
* Laga'aula
* Lauao O Malietoa
* Lauao Toa
* Lauao Tupua
* Laufalaotuamasaga
* Laulangaomulinu'u
* Laulagi'osivaseveloa
* Laulangiotupuivao
* Laulagi-o-manu'a
* Laulangi o Tupu'a
* Laulangiofiame
* Laulangiosina
* Laulefisomalauoletalo
* Maneafainga'a
* Mat'umaivai
* Moeika'ale
* Moe'ilefuefue
* Moemoe'ilemaile
* Oneone
* Papaonfanua
* Pipi'ima'ele'ele
* Pona'olesisiotuitalili
* Puipui o le Fale'ula tau'aitu
* V-'o-Apia mo Upolu
* V-'o-Ofu-mo-Olosenga
* Valatau-o-Tamasese
* Valatau-oe-Tuimanu'a
* Valatau-oe-Tui'A'ana
* Valatau-o-Sinilau

All of these named Mats are Samoan Fine Mats or Kie Haamoa. This isnt even all of them some of these Kie Haamoa are still at the Tongan Palace Office today. The most recent Kie Haamoa taken to Tonga was by Tui ATua the Fine Mat was called Loimata o le Tui Atua expressing grief for a Royal Tongan Member dying. The Mat is now kept in the Tongan Palace.

I will be back later to talk more about the Samoan & Tongan Fine Mats.


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Now I cannot address the origin of all the Kie Haamoa in Tonga but I can address a few.

During the 1800s Tu'i Tonga, Fatafehi Fuanunuiava travelled to Samoa specifically Upolu and Manu'a. During his journey he was tattoed and recieved the Samoan Pe'a by Samoan Tufuga in Upolu and Manu'a. It is said Tui Tonga brought back with him 2 Kie Haamoa which was the Valatau O Tui Manu'a (War Garment of Tui Manu'a) and the Va o ofu ma olosega fine mat.

Many of the Kie Haamoa in Tonga are still worn by only Tongan Royals.

If u know the origin of a specific Kie Haamoa in Tonga feel free to post.


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nice one manuatele....kep it coming.

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