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Post Info TOPIC: $7,000 Cash & Prizes (Puletasi & Tausala Event 2009)

$7,000 Cash & Prizes (Puletasi & Tausala Event 2009)

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roulette trick


roulette trick

ok I'll give yous my trick, you know in roulette you can bet on blacks or reds. If you bet $1 on black and it goes black you win $1 but if it goes red you loose your $1.
So I found a way you can win everytime:

bet $1 on black if it goes black you win $1

now again bet $1 on black, if it goes red bet $3 on black, if it goes red again bet $8 on black, if red again bet $20 on black, red again bet $52 on black (always multiple you previous lost bet around 2.5), if now is black you win $52 so you have $104 and you bet:

$1 + $3 + $8 + $20 + $52 = $84 So you just won $20 :)

now when you won you start with $1 on blacks again etc etc. its always bound to go black eventually (it's 50/50) so that way you eventually always win. But there's a catch. If you start winning too much (like $1000 a day) casino will finally notice something and can ban you. I was banned once on royal casino. So don't be too greedy and don't win more then $200 a day and you can do it for years. I think bigger casinos know that trick so I play for real money on smaller ones, right now I play on elite vip casino: www.elite6vip.com for more then 3 months, I win $50-$200 a day and my account still works. You'll find roulette there when you log in go to "specialty" section - "american roulette". Becareful if too many people knows about it casinos will finally found a way to block that trick.

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